Jennifer E. Harris, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Individuals, Couples, and Families

Adult Children of Self-Absorbed Parents

Everyone needs a healthy valuing of the Self. This group is designed to work with adult children of the self-absorbed parent(s), e.g.; while growing up the parent(s) were preoccupied by something else like their illness, their partner, or their work.  When you grow up with a parent who was unable to nurture you, you may have skipped a step in the development of your self-value. This may come out in a way that is pleaser-oriented, rebel-oriented, war-path-oriented, or otherwise underdeveloped in one or many ways. My goal is to help you explore, create awareness, and build skills in educational and group exercises. Typically by the 4th meeting there is less education on my part and more participant-driven story-telling, skill building exercises, and support.
The groups are between 3 and 4 people and typically meet for 1.5 hours every week. Time slots are flexible M-Th, 11am-8pm. Each group is unique because it is allowed to create and build itself. In every group we start off by committing to the 8 week group. This is important because the group participants will bond in a special and meaningful way. During the 8th meeting, we have a goodbye session or the group can decide to create an ongoing group.  The group can remain closed to other participants or it can become open to other participants from another group For all groups, you and I talk a bit about your goals and then I can match you to a particular group that seems like a therapeutic fit for you. Because of this selection process, you may be asked to wait for a week or two before the group can start.
I strongly recommend the following books on your path to wholeness:
Children of the Self-Absorbed, by Nina W. Brown
Trapped in the Mirror, by Elan Golomb
Stop Walking on Eggshells, by Mason and Kreger    
The 5 Things We Cannot Change, by David Richo     
How to Be an Adult in Relationships, by David Richo
Why is it Always About You? by Sandy Hotchkiss
Whose Life is it Anyway? by Nina Brown 
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